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Have You Come Out the Other Side?

  Every one of us has been through some major struggles, trauma, and anguish in our life. This is a part of our being human, developing our strength, uniqueness, and resilience!  Yet in the midst of any challenge and the aftermath of distress, there are times we wonder if we will ever come out the other side of a…

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Cultivating Your Inner Peace

Some of us do not sit still so easily. Even those of us who do feel more able to sit quietly, meditate, reflect, take a rest from the overactive mind, have days that does not work so well for us. A)  It takes practice! Studies have shown that the days our meditation practice feels least…

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5 Reasons I Always have Crayons or Markers

5 Reasons I always have crayons or markers and a pad available at home and my workplace…drawing, doodling, and scribbling are good for you and your well being! They will help you acknowledge, be present and move through anger, frustration, reactivity- so you don’t internalize it so much! Expressing with colors will raise your vitality/ energy ( and a…

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