Have You Come Out the Other Side?


Every one of us has been through some major struggles, trauma, and anguish in our life. This is a part of our being human, developing our strength, uniqueness, and resilience!  Yet in the midst of any challenge and the aftermath of distress, there are times we wonder if we will ever come out the other side of a very lonely and dark place.  Sometimes we are impressed with a form of shock, stuck in a fight or flight mode, and/or immobilized with stories that deplete our hope.

There is another way. What if we can choose how we respond and grow through a major difficulty?   There is a conscious choice you can make – to claim compassionate presence with your Self right here, right now.

The problem is that we were not trained in our formative years to be present with our self, our breath, or self-acceptance, especially if some aspect of our life seems “broken” or “messy.”  The foundation of self-compassion is being present with full self-love and self-acceptance.  You say that is more easily said than done – sometimes, yes. And, when you shift your mindset, it is very doable!

Attend one of my “Super Skillful Self Care” workshops and learn a simple process to break free from stuck emotions and hush the self-tormenting talk  – so you can reconnect with feeling free to be unapologetically who you are! You are worth nourishing your whole self from the inside out, whether your day is feeling kind, average, or overwhelming.

If you are interested in more mastery with gaining strength from traumas you have experienced, let’s talk. I grew up with many “hard knocks” that have given me great insight, emotional intelligence, and rocket fuel for my Life Mission. Partnering with clients to move through past or present traumas, from survival to thriving, is what I do. There is also a more in-depth article by Michaela Haas on this very topic, “7 Strategies to Turn Trauma Into Strength” that you can read here.

One of my wishes for the world is that we all grow more great compassion and caring (with a bit of healthy detachment!) for ourselves and each other in the variety of experiences we have in being human. If that is one of yours, I’d love to hear more from you.💜

With Love,


  1. Janet Geller-Lesko on September 18, 2018 at 9:09 pm

    Always enjoy Sarah’s posts! Thank you, Sarah!

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