Cultivating Your Inner Peace

Some of us do not sit still so easily.

Even those of us who do feel more able to sit quietly, meditate, reflect, take a rest from the overactive mind, have days that does not work so well for us.

A)  It takes practice! Studies have shown that the days our meditation practice feels least fulfilling and zen-like are the days that we build more spiritual ‘muscle’ and resonance in coming back to the breath,  again and again. So I do encourage you to release any judgment you have about your ‘learning curve’, AND to persist with the practice you choose. Do call me if you are ready to be supported in showing up to a consistent practice that works for you.

B) You may do better in a walking, moving meditation.  You may need something that we often pass right by and /or take for granted.  What if a walk in the woods (or a stretch of dirt, grass, or sand) is just what you need for the monkey mind and nervous system to naturally settle down. One of my never fail go-tos, (besides breathing!) is to go outside and get a bit of nature, greenery, woods, and/or sunshine. One of the bonuses for me is that I can feel my smile return!

For more on the science behind this, read:

Try it! Next time you know you need a kind respite from the chattering in your head, give yourself  5 minutes outside no matter where you are.  Even if you feel surrounded by cement, there will be fresh, unconditioned air, a tree or planter. Notice your breathing, feel your feet on the ground, allow yourself to experience your senses and feelings. Pop me a message to let me know what you notice!

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