Are you seeking a way to unfold & clarify your Life Purpose AND claim the courage to act on it?

If you ever wonder, “Who am I really?”

Do you feel your sense of purpose has gone missing - and you need and want it back?

Are you seeking more inner guidance in your life?

Is it time to release the limiting thoughts and beliefs that have
held you back?

Bring your LONGING and your WILLINGNESS to change,
and together we can make it happen. 

You can make the changes you need to create the next chapter
of who you are becoming and what you are here to do!

Are you ready?  Let's talk.

In this experiential training, you will...

"With The Way of the Heart, I found the confidence to start my business and pursue my goals. I am awed daily with what is shown to me; I never would have dreamed how much easier my life could be.

I am alive, thriving and grateful in what has been quite a challenging year for me, discovering more passion and joy."

~Joanne B.

Increase Your Confidence so you fully engage and receive in your relationships

Find the courage to uncover what it is you really want in your life, so you do go for it

Claim self-trust and energy, so you can commit to taking action on your dreams

Overcome patterns of self-sabotage, self-criticism, and judgement so you can enjoy your life

Claim full self-love and self-acceptance, so you can be unapologetically you in unfolding your Life Mission

Are you ready?

The Way of the Heart is for you if:

*You know there is more to your life than “just getting by.” You want to live a most magical, mystical, extra-ordinary life, in every area: family, career, health, finances, and all your relationships!

*You have a dream/vision that will not leave you alone, that you know you need to pursue.

*You are ready and willing to do your part in realizing your dream, with more strength and ability, with less struggle.

* You identify yourself as a growing and evolving person.

* You are willing to have a more honest, kind and supportive relationship with your self and others.

*You’ve had enough of trying to fit in and be who others think you should be.

The Way of the Heart is NOT for you if:

*You have decided you are powerless to change

* You are satisfied with the status quo

* You don’t believe the change you want is possible.

* It’s just too much work to change

The Way of the Heart Level I and II Weekend Immersion

Location:  Chicago, IL, dates are TBA as we reorient to COVID changes. 2021 dates and location are being reformulated. Watch here.

Email Sarah for information.

To register and get all of your questions answered, schedule an appointment with Sarah Karnes.

The Way of the Heart™ is an international organization devoted to empowering individual and collective life purpose, offering a Way of living a heart-centered life with more conscious guidance, empowerment and connection.

Through a blend of field psychology, self awareness practices and energetic field work, you can manifest the inner qualities and abilities that your life and our world need now. This extraordinary training augments and harmonizes with other paths and practices.

Sarah Karnes is Midwest area coordinator for The Way of the Heart, offering integration sessions in Chicagoland and Wisconsin.