What do you really want? And, more importantly, why haven’t you gotten it yet?

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Often, what you really want goes much deeper than what you think you want.

And that’s where I come in.

My greatest strength is listening and sensing what’s not being said, asking the questions that will help you get to what is essential for you.  You will feel safe and supported through the dialogue.

Together, we find your truth and get clarity around what you really want, but not only do we identify that, we go deeper.

Why hasn’t it happened yet?

What’s blocking you?

What are your justifications for playing small?

Is it…

Fear of being "too much"

Fear of confrontation or offending somebody

Fear of rejection or ridicule

Fear of really showing up as yourself in a relationship

Fear of being seen as "less than perfect"

Fear that if I shine too brightly, I'll dim somebody else's light

Together, we'll identify and work through these fears.

I believe that there’s room for all of us to shine our lights, to collectively stand with and for each other, to stop getting lost in our own ego and shame dark places.

I work with women who have a will AND a willingness to change.

It takes both, strength and desire to create your own extraordinary life.

A life…

  • Living beyond the conventional;
  • being surprised and delighted on a regular basis,
  • touching people and institutions and relationships so that you really feel alive,
  • Deeply feeling your emotions
  • Engaging emotionally in every moment

When you really step up into yourself, you become an extra-ordinary person.

How do we get there?

We work closely together in either one-on-one sessions or group workshops where I guide you to the answers you’ve already got within you.

I will hold a perspective that looks at all the creative possibilities that are there, and we will hone in on what has the most value, in the midst of all the possibilities.

We get clarity.

We find the extraordinary version of you.

Then, we get practical and I give you the tools and action steps to create the life you’ve envisioned.

We will do energetic field work that makes significant shifts happen safely and quickly.

As you work with these tools, you will see your life in a different light, from a new perspective, and your new life and goals will move from a possibility to your reality.

It is achievable.

L. Amram

Meeting Sarah, I immediately felt a connection. Her grounded presence emanates compassion, open heartedness, and respectful understanding. I have experienced her work with me as deeply transformational, an effective tool for bringing to awareness that which was hidden.  I have consistently been surprised to catch and shift self-limiting beliefs holding me back. I am delighted by the growth uncovered during our time together.

A. Gray

Sarah Karnes is willing to deeply listen.
Her coaching work is remarkably helpful for anyone who wants to make a positive change.  Well organized, informed, professional yet authentic, personable and compassionate, I highly recommend and applaud her services.

Joanne B.

With The Way of the Heart, I found the confidence to start my business and pursue my goals. I am awed daily with what is shown to me; I never would have dreamed how much easier my life could be. I am alive, thriving and grateful in what has been quite a challenging year for me, discovering more passion and joy. 

T. Marsili

I went from not able to get out of bed in the morning to jumping up to practice more real engagement with my life and what IS possible.

Diane T.

Thanks again for meeting with me and for the wonderful energy work.

I’m feeling more free and liberated about writing and my work! So powerful!

I work with mid-life women through...

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Group Workshops

I offer a variety of experiential and co-creative, in-person workshops.

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1/1 Life Coaching

Custom support for you to help you get from where you are now, to where you want to go.

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The Way of the Heart

This weekend intensive program offers a way of living a heart-centered life with more conscious guidance, empowerment and connection.

Sarah Karnes - Life Coach

Not sure if 1/1 coaching or a workshop is right for you?
Schedule a chat, and I'll help you clarify.

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