YES! Don’t Forget Your Oxygen Mask!

I’m all for generosity and being of service, yet sometimes I’ve found myself out of integrity in my generosity. More and more I am pausing before I jump in and potentially put myself and/or another in an awkward moment that could create resentment or something worse on one or both parts. 

You are invited to try on my check-in process, before jumping in to help someone or saying yes to something that may really be a no.

How does your breathing feel? If your breathing is feeling at all tight, shallow or strained, you are literally oxygen deprived! You and others will benefit when you get your oxygen flowing fully!

Getting fully oxygenated starts with awareness. I encourage you to start with noticing your breathing, regularly, for this week.
Yes there’s more! after you have practiced more awareness, September 4th I will bring the next question.

Feeling challenged around breathing?  Help is available! Click here so you can  schedule a call where we will get your oxygen flowing.

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